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Facial treatments

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Why A Facial Is So Important?

Treating yourself to a facial once every 4 to 6 weeks can benefit your skin in many ways. Besides promoting relaxation, regular facials provide many benefits, including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and appearance.

Healthy skin is our body’s first line of defense against illness, bacteria, and disease, so taking care of it is extremely important. Especially with the change of seasons during an entire year, the skin has to adapt to the weather changes, diet changes and more. It is important to understand how your products can help you maintain the look of your skin and apply them regularly to feed your skin with essential nutrients.

What is Body Sculpting

Also known as non-surgical fat reduction or body contouring.  It contains multiple different procedures designed to dissolve stubborn fat, tighten skin, rid you of cellulite and shape different areas on your body.   

Dedicated to repairing, rebuilding, and rejuvenating the mind body connection one layer at a time.

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